Remote File Access

With a Mac:

  1. On a Mac you can use the Go->Connect to Server Command and connect to
  2. Enter your NETID and Password

With a PC:

  1. Add a network location. Right-click on This PC. …
  2. Select Next. …
  3. Choose a custom network location. …
  4. Enter the WebDAV URL
  5. Enter your NETID and Password.
  6. Name the network location (Optional) and select Next. …
  7. Select Finish.










With CyberDuck (Mac or PC) :


  1. CyberDuck can be downloaded here:
  2. Click “Open Connection” on the top of the application.
  3. Fill in the following information:


Port: 5006

Username: NETID

Password: <your password>

3. Click Connect