Print Credits

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Print credits are a way to not only keep track of the amount of printing for each user but allow the School to supply and maintain the fleet of printers and fairly distribute printing capabilities to all users

What does it cost to print to each printer?

Standard Printer Costs
Large Format Costs

For additional details and a complete list of printers and costs please see the Printers page.

How do I check my current balance of Print Credits?

While you are logged into one of the computer lab workstations, launch the application “print credits” located in the “Applications” folder or by opening up the following shortcut on the desktop:

Once launched, the application will display your current print credit amount in a small window.

How do I get more print credits?

There are two way to get print credits:

1. Course Fees

If you are taking a class that has computer course fees, funds will be automatically credited to your printing account within the first two weeks of the semester. These funds will not expire semester to semester.

Course fees are deposited into your Print Credits each semester based on your enrollment in the following courses:


  • $60 – Design I-A, I-B, II-A, Practicum
  • $10 – Design II-B, III-A, III-B 


  • $18.75/year – All Filmmaking Students


  • $85 – Photo I-A, II-A, II-B, III-A, III-B, Advanced Photo

2. RU Express Overdraft

Utilize the NEW FEATURE and automatically charge your RU Express balance. This will only work if the funds are available to charge. For additional information regarding RU Express or how to manage and add to your balance of funds, please visit:

How do I administer my Account?

In the Print Credit Balance window, click on the word “Details …” at the bottom right.

Alternately, visit from any web connected computer.

This will bring you to the artprint login window. Use your Rutgers NetID login information to gain access to your printing account. Note: you can no longer use your lab account to check your print credits.

artprint login

After you are logged in, the dashboard will display. From the dashboard you can monitor your balance, see your print history and charges, and request refunds for failed jobs.

PaperCut Dashboard