Have a Macbook? Want to use an iMac as an external monitor?












If you have a macbook with a thunderbolt connection (newer then mid 2011), you can use a lab iMac as an external monitor.












To make it happen:

1. Attach a thunderbolt cable between the iMac and macbook in rooms 224 or room 229. Any of the larger 27” iMacs.

2. Simultaneously press the Command key along with the F2 key. You should now see your laptop screen extended to the iMac. Mirror display if desired.

3. When finished, simply disconnect cable.


Graduating? You will have your account until May 31 FYI

End of the Year Computer Lab FAQs


Q: I am graduating, how log will I have my account?

Your account will be active until June 1st.

Q: Do my print credits cary over until next year?

Yes, You will still have them when you return in september.



New Brunswick Art Collective

Hello if you live in New Brunswick and you make art, music, write or are involved in any creative output, Lillyan Liliaceae and Derrick kpeli of New Brunswick collective would love it if you submit your work to our art collective tumblr page
(If you want we can post links to your website, tumblr, flickr, portfolio page ect) we will love to show off your work
our emails are: and
thank you!


A new printer, Wideformat_transparency, has been added to printing room in the second floor.


Intro to Dataflow Programming and Arduino Workshop Saturday!

****Click for larger image****

There will be pizza pies for lunch!

Rutgers University Software….FYI

The University Software Portal provides central access to free, site-licensed, and individually licensed software available to Rutgers University faculty, staff, and students. Through this site, you can download and purchase software for your personal use or for your department’s use.

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