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Images of work produced for Digital Image Fundamentals.

lyndaCampus for Visual Arts






lyndaCampus is a school-wide version of lynda.com, an online training library of over 80,000 video-based tutorials on over 1400 software titles.

As a Visual Arts instructor, staff member or student, you have access to the full lynda.com library including exercise files.




Project Space: Re-frak

Bang Chau
March 9,2014 – March 15, 2014
Project Space, Second Floor

Non-Tradtional Narratives

Flowers in a box: a poem from behind the wallpaper
ByAmy Schmierbach 1999

Wall Paper samples

He likes you

By Indigo Som 1996

Inspired by fortune cookies




Around the World in Eight Stanzas

Let’s explore the world.
Visit Earth’s greatest places.
Won’t that be so fun?

Welcome to New York.
Universal melting pot.
America rules.

To London, England.
Everyone’s so smart and rich.
Home of The Beatles.

Next stop, Paris, France.
Land of art, love, and fashion.
The City of Light.

Number four, Egypt.
There’s sand, pyramids, and sand.
Yeah, it’s that sandy.

China, what a beaut.
The Great Wall is really great.
Drink tea, feel some silk.

Tokyo, Japan.
Where the past meets the present.
Where the sun rises.

It’s a big big world.
Everyone on this blue rock.
Is truly our friend.

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Xerox landscape two sided printing!

2013 Undergraduate Annual Exhibition: Visible Time