Server Environment Information

The server file structure  for the Fall 2018 academic year has changed. For the most part, these changes will not be noticeable for everyday computer lab use. The folder structure is different and can be best illustrated by the image above. Descriptions for folders are as follows:

home – This is the mountable portion of the server that contains all of your documents.

Drive – This folder is used for cloud-based files. These files an easily be moved around remotely and shared easily between other users.

<username> – This folder ( usually matches your last name) contains all of your standard computer storage including your Desktop files, Photos, Documents folder, etc

www – This folder is for personal web storage. Items in this folder can be made public through the URL :<username> . Older<username> links will automatically be forwarded to the new link.

Please note. The “drive” and “www” folder are one level above your network directory. It would be helpful to add the “path” option to your finder window. This can be achieved by right-clicking on the top of the finder window and adding the “path” icon.