Welcome to my website!

This is where I post and catalogue my artistic projects and creative endeavors. Feel free to look through my work if anything happens to catch your eye. My work can be divided into three categories: Illustration, Design, and Writings. I will add more areas of study if I start to get involved in more categories that are shown.

I am currently a junior attending Rutgers University. My major is Visual Arts with a concentration in Design. I worked full time at Pendergast Signs as a sign maker/ graphic designer for the past four years giving me hands on experience in the field of design, heightened understanding of various design softwares, as well as the ability to use a wide variety of power tools and equipment to fabricate intricate, handmade signs for businesses and organizations. I held a service learning position with Ethicon to mentor students in graphic design for the program known as FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), where I had to guide a team of young graphic designers, help them create usable/practical graphic material, as well as help them use various design programs. I have done freelance work for multiple clients for work including but not limited to; logo design, website design, illustration, custom signage, as well as cut vinyl decals and lettering. As it stands I am currently the lead graphic and web designer for a local computer IT company but will be using this site as a platform to host my own personal works.

While I do enjoy and actively do graphic design, I have always had an immense passion for illustration and try to find time to draw every day. I use a wide variety of mediums such as pencil, ink, pen, watercolor, and digital. This website is primarily used to catalogue my illustration passion but can host a variety of different art mediums.

Tools of Use

When it comes to my artwork I tend to use a variety of tools and utensils to make work. Here are some of the most common tools I use to create artwork:

-Blick Drawing Pencils 6B-6H
-Micron Ink Pens
-Chisel Point Prismacolor Markers
-Grumbacher Watercolors
-Adobe Creative Suite
-Wacom Intuos Pro