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Hi all! was very good to meet the bulk of the MFA’s the other week at your show, thanks for leading me on a brief tour despite having just completed a long day of crits. I was happy to just put a name and face with the work.

Many of you were present back in early November when we discussed, among other things architecture, infrastructure, political and religious cults, the culture of nature and on and on. It was a wide ranging discussion but I think what became clear was that when it comes to space we all have a personal stake in it. There is nothing more rewarding to me than knowing people (artists) who feel passionately about an idea, think critically about problems that have social as well as aesthetic meaning and then endeavor to make or do something to address that problem. We spoke about the idea of creating a radical intervention somewhere around campus in late Spring, where each of us, collectively- or as individuals- can push forward concepts and challenges and use spaces in and around Rutgers University as our extended gallery.

We will discuss the project again in January but I wanted to paste up a message from your colleague Ali Osborn about putting together a zine:

Alexander Osborn

Submitted on 2015/12/01 at 3:07 am
Hi people,

There has been some talk of publishing a newspaper/zine in conjunction with whatever collaborative project we make/do in the spring. Personally, I like the idea of this being a larger, perhaps tabloid format book/paper. This shape and size could accommodate a hefty variety of graphics/information/writings and still be foldable and easy to distribute. It could blend in with other publications on the “newsstand”. Attached is an image of one such tabloid paper that a friend of mine printed. I have copies of this paper at my studio in CSB. Not sure how we’d go about gathering content for this type of thing. I’m open to suggestions. Let’s mull it over for now.

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