January Meeting.

Hey just a brief note from my studio. Take heart Grads. Tuesday’s coffee chat wasn’t meant to be an exclusion zone, for folks who missed it, it was really a chance to get to know one another. There will be other chances to be sure. I am looking at my calendar now to figure out a time (probably January at this point) to gather all and continue rapping about space, race, equity and infrastructure, and to plan an event/show/lecture or series for the spring.


I’ve left some of my books out on a table in the communal/office/studio space at the LAB.  Kind of a honor system library. Feel free to borrow, please make a note on the craft paper who you are/ what book you borrowed/ the date.  I just want to make sure everything is back before the semester ends in Dec.


thanks  K

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  1. Hey Kara,

    Thanks so much for the chat last week. I thought the conservation had a really interesting arc. It was very chaotic for the first little while, and then seemed to gather into a more consistent string of ideas in the second half. But honestly, there was something kind of beautiful about the first, more chaotic bit, where ideas are just passing back and forth and that process just has to be trusted in.

    So thank you. Really looking forward to the next one.

    To follow up on Marc’s post. Yes, the Creative Time Summit will probably be really interesting. A friend of mine, Daonne Huff, is going to be presenting on the Saturday. I’m going to try to bring Daonne out to Mason Gross in the spring to lead some kind of seminar, maybe as part of Weekend Workout (WW being a program whereby we invite students from other universities out here to talk/visit). She is able to think about social engagement in art in really complex ways, and I’m sure her presentation will be excellent.

    Looking forward to so much.


  2. Hi people,

    There has been some talk of publishing a newspaper/zine in conjunction with whatever collaborative project we make/do in the spring. Personally, I like the idea of this being a larger, perhaps tabloid format book/paper. This shape and size could accommodate a hefty variety of graphics/information/writings and still be foldable and easy to distribute. It could blend in with other publications on the “newsstand”. Attached is an image of one such tabloid paper that a friend of mine printed. I have copies of this paper at my studio in CSB. Not sure how we’d go about gathering content for this type of thing. I’m open to suggestions. Let’s mull it over for now.

  3. I will be around campus next week between about 2-5:30 pm in my “office” I think the question about how to/ when to gather content can begin as soon as monday.

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