Print credits are a way to keep track of the amount of printing for each computer lab user. Utilizing a print credit system is a way for our lab to fairly distribute printing capabilities throughout the computer lab's user base.

How to check your current amount of print credits?

While you are logged into one of the computer lab workstations, Launch the application "Print credits" located in the "Applications" folder.
Once launched, the application will display your current print credit amount.


What does it cost to print to each printer?

See the Printing page.



How to get more print credits?

There are four way to get more print credits

1. Weekly automatic credit. Every Sunday, All users will get a $.50 automatically added to accounts during the regular school year.

2. Computer based class lab fee. If you are taking a Design class that meets in the computer lab, either $40 (for Design I-A, I-B, II-A, III-B) or $5 (for Design II-B, III-A) will be placed into your printing account within the first few weeks of the semester.

3. Purchase credits with a check. If you need to purchase more print credits you can purchase more with a check or money order. Make sure the check or money order is made out to Rutgers University. The check is to be given to me (shane whilden) and I will usually be able to credit you account immediately. I cannot take cash.

4. Transfer from another users account. If you are able to make a deal with another user, You can transfer print credits directly from another persons account. To transfer credits, First launch the Print credits Application.

After the application is launched, click on the word "Details ..." at the bottom of the application window.

This should automatically sub launch your default web browser and bring you to a login window. Use your computer lab login information to gain access to your printing account.


After you are logged in, click "transfers" from the left hand column.


At the transfer page, you will only need to choose the transfer amount and username of the person you will be transferring to. Remember the username is typically the persons last name in lower case. You can leave a comment if you like.